Amman, June 2019 : Iraq has been a major market for the business of Solvochem since it started operating in late seventies. Solvochem had served the Iraqi market with many products including Infineum lubricant and fuel additives.

After signing new agreement of cooperation with Brenntag Multisol / Trychem beginning of 2019, Solvochem started again to promote Infineum Lubricant and fuel additives to Iraqi market. In order to strengthen the knowledge of Infineum additives, Solvochem held a two-full-day training for an Iraqi delegation at Crown Plaza Amman Hotel.

The Iraqi delegates represent both The Technical Department and Petroleum Research & Development Center of the Ministry of Oil, Midland Refineries Company and South Refineries Company.

The training course provided understanding of lubrication requirements and additive technology. It included an overview of lubricant additive technology, lubrication requirements for various applications, and the fundamentals of engine design and operation.

Topics include crankcase lubricant formulation, power transmission fluids, additive components, small engine oils, lubricant base stocks, viscosity modifiers, updates on automotive lubricant industry market trends, as well as industry and OEM specifications.

The lecturers also discussed with attendees the local Iraqi market demands, requirements and future plans. At the end of the training course, Certificates were submitted to attendees.