Since its conception, SOLVOCHEM has established a considerable degree of expertise in the procurement, marketing and distribution of petrochemicals  in challenging areas. Assisted by sound distribution and marketing skills,

SOLVOCHEM has had the successful ability to meet the consumer’s needs, creating a “tailor-made” approach to suit the challenges and needs of various countries and customers.


This is furthered by continued support from local authorities in the countries that we work with due to our commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Solvochem’s unique consideration to its surroundings, predominately in its relations and experiences within the Middle East and Africa, has contributed to it becoming an increasingly internationally recognised company, with several affiliated companies located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Comprehensive expertise

SOLVOCHEM has built up a comprehensive expertise in the bulk distribution of chemicals and liquid oils, from marine transportation to bulk storage and then on to final delivery of products to customers. Each of these operations being an essential part of the reliable and competitive service being offered.

SOLVOCHEM’s acknowledged authority in the field of bulk storage of chemicals and petrochemicals has lead to strong alliances with leading suppliers in their respective fields including many large multinational companies.

SOLVOCHEM is close to its markets and serves its customers through an efficient supply chain. Its chemical activities cover 20 countries in the Middle East and Africa.


Office locations


Terminals locations

SOLVOCHEM is staffed with highly qualified and experienced personnel supported by dedicated customer service staff.

Total professional & support staff + 200 persons.

Management 20%
Sales 15%
Support 65%