Understanding the Petrochemical Industry

SOLVOCHEM recognises that the key to continuity and betterment lies in the human resources available both within the company and its affiliation with other industries.

The excellent communication channels that it has established with its diverse clients and suppliers throughout the many years manifest this.

SOLVOCHEM boasts the ability to anticipate and quickly respond to market changes by using intimate knowledge of various countries and people. This is proven by the company’s success in the sale and distribution of various raw materials to a large number of industries in the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and Africa. Major manufacturers are becoming reliant on large distributors who are able to penetrate and to sell their products into new and often difficult markets mostly overseas.

Such a task has historically fallen to enterprising individuals and companies; people with personal resources, the capability to communicate with different cultures, the willingness to explore new areas, the breadth of vision to perceive a need, and most important of all, the ability to meet that demand.

SOLVOCHEM understands that every task it tackles is a challenge with its own problems, but it also offers its own opportunities.

Whether they involve finance, distribution, transport resources or simply the personal touch of confidence and dependability required to maintain close relationships with customers in one of the most difficult and volatile markets in the world.

SOLVOCHEM is structured along business needs, markets and functions with companies and offices strategically located in:

  • Rotterdam – Group Service Center
  • Lebanon – Bulk Storage, Distribution of Chemicals & Polymers
  • Cyprus – Financial support coordination center
  • Jordan – Bulk liquid terminal & dry cargo warehouses for distribution in Jordan & contiguous countries
  • Egypt – Bulk liquid terminal & dry cargo storage facilities
  • United Arab Emirates – Distribution of chemicals and state of art drums storage warehouse
  • Kenya – Recent acquisition of Shell Chemicals activities and assets including a bulk liquid terminal in Mombasa

SOLVOCHEM owns & operates to the highest international norms & standards bulk terminals and dry cargo facilities in:

  • Aqaba, Jordan: 45 tanks, total capacity 67,000 m3 New expansion in progress, 4 tanks cap. 14,000m3
  • Adabiyah, Egypt: 29 tanks, total capacity 40,000 m3 & 2 warehouses of 20,000 m2 . New expansion in progress, 6 tanks, capacity 4500m3
  • Mombasa, Kenya: 18 tanks and 6 bullet tanks, total capacity 11,000 m³.
  • Mtwara: bulk storage facility with a capacity of 30,000m³ along with 10 tanks of a capacity of 9,00 m³
  • Dubai, UAE: A new Bulk storage project is under evaluation, permit secured, state of art warehouse 1,350 m3, capacity 10,000 drums for hazardous & flammable products.
  • State of art Drum filling facilities in Aqaba, Dubai, Mombasa & Adabiyah.