SOLVOCHEM Group is owned, managed and steered through “Solvochem Holdings Ltd” a company organized under the laws of Cyprus.

SOLVOCHEM Holdings Ltd incorporated various subsidiaries in order to meet the increasing demand of the developing economies for a diversified range of products supplied by the Group for Africa and the Middle East.

SOLVOCHEM Holland B.V. acts as the purchasing and logistical hub of the Group and is a subsidiary specializing in the procurement and purchase of the Products ordered by its affiliates in the various markets.

SOLVOCHEM East Africa Ltd” is a subsidiary based in Kenya, which owns and operates a terminal in Mombasa, and covers the East African Markets with its sister company “Solvochem Tanzania Ltd” which also owns and operates a terminal in the Mtwara region. “Solvochem Holland B.V” also secures orders for deliveries by another subsidiary Solvochem Jordan Ltd, which covers the Middle Eastern Markets by the use of the Aqaba Terminal as well as the terminal in Adabiyah port to serve the Egyptian market.

SOLVOCHEM is a well-established and integrated Group offering solutions to its spread clients-base though the Mena Region and Africa. Management operations, market positioning, range of Products, logistics plans and procedures are established and organized by the Management of Solvochem Holdings Ltd and implemented by its subsidiaries thus enabling to cover the various markets requirements.